" Usah Dituruti Reaksi Emosi, Lantaran Implikasi Tak Serasi Dengan Apa Yang Diimiginasi "


1 kg            Grated Tapioca
200 g          Palm Sugar
300 g          Caster Sugar
200 ml         Water
100 g          Grated Coconut
300 ml        Coconut Milk ( coconut milk 150 ml + 150 ml water )
¼ tsp           Salt

  1. In mixing bowl, place grated tapioca together with cold dissolved palm sugar, sugar and water.
  2.  Stir in grated coconut, coconut milk and salt together till well mix.
  3. Pour into square baking tray 10” × 10” which is lightly oil.
  4.  Baked in the oven approximately 45 minutes or until cook at 180◦c

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