" Usah Dituruti Reaksi Emosi, Lantaran Implikasi Tak Serasi Dengan Apa Yang Diimiginasi "


750 ml           Water
220 g              Caster Sugar
⅛ tsp              Salt
500 ml           Coconut Milk – thick
150 g             Green Bean Flour
1 tin               Sweet Corn Cream
⅛ tsp             Egg Yellow Coloring

1)      Bring to boil the water and the sugar together.
2)      Stir the coconut milk and salt into green bean flour till well mix and  then pour into boiling syrup while stirring constantly until thick.
3)      Add in the cream sweet corn, then followed with coloring.
4)      Pour the mixture into 10” × 10” square baking tray. Leave to set in the refrigerator.
5)      Once the pudding set, the cut and served.

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